Nordinkraft-Sensor is a Research & Development company which has been working on development in the field of molten metal parameters control since 1994.

Having started from manufacturing of thermocouples, immersion and vacuum samplers, the enterprise gradually turned to production of more complicated and sophisticated measuring probes. Nowadays the production range of the company includes all types of measuring devices necessary for control of melt parameters in metallurgy, starting from iron production to steel casting on the continuous steel casting machine.

The enterprise continuously keeps contact with its partners in Russia and abroad. The Belgian enterprise Heraeus Electro-Nite, the world’s leader in production of systems for molten metal parameters control, is a long-term partner of "Nordinkraft-Sensor", OOO. One of our cooperation designs is a multifunctional probe which enables steelmakers to obtain the data on metal temperature and oxygen activity, and also to get a sample for further chemical analysis - all in one immersion. Metallurgists in Russia, as well as metallurgists in Europe, have appreciated this block at its true value.

For the years of work the enterprise has gained experience in the field of molten metal parameters control, which allowed us to start design and implementation of media for mechanisation and automatisation of measuring process. Specialist of the enterprise developed instruments which simplify measurements and improve personnel safety – from hand immersion lances to manipulators and equipment complex of measuring sublance, which uses multifunction probes to get melt parameters in converter in automatic mode. In 2008 the equipment complex of measuring sublance was awarded the Diploma of “100 Best Goods of Russia” Programme.

In 2009 the enterprise became laureate of Award “Rossiyskiye sozidateli” in nomination “Science sphere and innovation technologies”.

The years’ work of Nordinkraft-Sensor specialists in the field of metal chemical analysis resulted in the emission spectrometer “NK 5001”, which also took part in the Contest of the “100 Best Goods of Russia” Programme in 2011 and became the winner on the regional stage of the competition.

Among achievements of the enterprise there are patents on invention of several instruments and implementation methods of metal chemical analysis.

"Nordinkraft-Sensor", OOO regularly takes part in international industrial exhibitions and trade fairs in Russia (Metal-Expo, Moscow) and abroad (METEC, Düsseldorf, Germany).