In 1994 the “Nordinkraft” Company together with the Belgian Company “Heraeus Electro-Nite” and the “Severstal” JSC set up a joint venture “Sevinor”. The goal of the new enterprise was to produce instruments for control of molten metal parameters.

1998, the “Nordinkraft” Company having bought the shares of joint venture from “Severstal”, “Sevinor” was transformed into the Department for Production and Supply of systems for measurement of molten metal parameters of the “Nordinkraft” Company. Secondary devices and component parts of the expendable probess were supplied by the Belgian company “Heraeus Electro-Nite”. Expendable probes were accomplished by cardboard tubes and put together at the manufacturing base of the Production Department.

1999 the Nodinkraft company started production of their own samplers of all types (immersion, vacuum). Later in 2000, according to the agreement with Heraeus Electro-Nite, the Nordinkraft Company reserved the production only of vacuum samplers.

Compared with 1994 the company greatly expanded the range of products. If at the initial stage the production was oriented to the thermocouples and samplers, now delivery and supplies are underway to provide much more complex systems with expendable probes, such as a system for determination of oxygen activity in molten metal and slag, the system for determination of carbon content, the system for rapid determination of hydrogen and nitrogen, multifunctional probes (with simultaneous profile determination).

Since 1999, the company "Nordinkraft" produces more complex systems, such as a system for oxygen activity determination, system for hydrogen content determination, measurement systems using multi-function probes. The production of vacuum samplers of own design was set up, which quality is as good as of European analogues. Component parts and materials for vacuum samplers are manufactured and supplied by Russian companies.

Since 2003, the enterprise develops and manufactures equipment for both domestic production (equipment for automatic assembly of thermocouples, for production of cardboard tubes, etc.), and for our customers - metallurgical plants (connectors, lances, manipulators, etc.).

In 2004 a holding structure was created consisting of organizationally and financially independent companies. There were now three independent enterprises - the Department of Express - analysis of Metal (it is now "Nordinkraft-Sensor"), the Service Department ("Nordinkraft Service "), and the Department of Non-destructive Control (the “Nordinkraft” Company).

In 2005 and 2006, measuring sublances were put to work in the LD melting shop of "Severstal" JSC at converters number 3 and number 1 respectively, which allowed steelmakers to exclude converter turndown and reduce the melting time.

In 2007 Nordinkraft-Sensor started to work in the direction of spectral analysis of materials. LIBS (Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, spectroscopy with laser excitation) and technology of plasma creation with arc and spark high-power generators were used as basic technologies.

In 2009 in cooperation with several companies specialising in the field of spectral analysis, Nordinkraft-Sensor developed an emission spectrometer “NK 5001”. One of the main partners of the company was and still is the team of specialists from “IVS” Ltd. (St. Petersburg).